Looking for a Public Speaker?

Author & Novelist
Peter Jones,
loves public speaking.

Hello there! My name’s Peter Jones. I’m a full-time author & novelist, and these days rarely a week goes by when I’m not invited to speak at a Women’s Institute, Town’s Women’s Guild, U3A, or some other group or society – and I’d be delighted to come to yours.

I offer two light-hearted, amusing talks, my most popular of which is entitled ‘How To Do Everything And Be Happy’.

So why should you book me to talk to your group or society? Well, in the past four years I’ve spoken to well over 200 groups in Essex, London, Kent, Suffolk and Hertfordshire. I’m very happy to talk groups of any size. I don’t charge the earth. And if my travelling time and expenses are met, I’ll go anywhere.

If you’re looking for a Keynote Speaker, Guest Speaker, or After Dinner Speaker then please, drop me a line via the ‘contact‘ page, and I’ll get back to you, diary at the ready.

You can find more Essex Based Speakers on the Speakers In Essex facebook page.